Why MRI of America?

Truly Open MRI

A Better WayUnlike other MRI’s that merely claim to be “open” but actually just have a more spacious scanning enclosure with open spaces on either side of the patient, MRI of America is genuinely open, allowing the patient a clear view out of the scanner. Combining this non-enclosed configuration with the quieter operation, allows our patients to choose to close their eyes and relax, or look straight ahead and enjoy our 42” flat panel HDTV.

MRI of America’s focus on patient comfort also enables us to accommodate oversized patients. In the past many of these large patients simply could not be scanned, but today MRI of America has made it possible. We routinely scan patients weighing up to five hundred pounds.

With our unprecedented open configuration, it comes as no surprise that claustrophobic and large patients from around the country travel great distances to be scanned with our technology. At MRI of America it’s not just about the equipment, though. We strive to bring our patients a level of personal service and staff attentiveness that is unheard of in the industry, even providing transportation for your procedure if the need arises.  


So out with the old

The Old WayAlthough Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the optimal diagnostic tool to reveal musculoskeletal and neurological disease, conventional MRI scanners have significant limitations. Typical MRIs are performed with patients in an encapsulated, horizontal, non-weight bearing position, which often does not expose the pathology that causes pain. One of the most well-known facts and limitations of conventional MRIs is that they can cause severe anxiety, claustrophobia and can miss the cause of your pain if it is relieved once you lie down.  With conventional MRIs you simply can not be scanned in your position of symptom.

Because of these negative effects, traditional MRI technology has kept many patients from getting the scans that could help them live longer, happier, more productive lives. Those who struggle with claustrophobia and other conditions can find the help they need with cutting-edge technology, and a better way at MRI of America.

… and In With The Better

Open-Air MRI in Denver At MRI of America, our Upright Positional MRI center scans patients in a weight-bearing and/or recumbent position. This provides a clinical advantage over other MRIs because it allows us to image patients in the position that elicits symptoms and provides unsurpassable evaluations of musculoskeletal and neurological pathology, and you can do it all while watching our 42″ flatscreen TV.  Additionally, because of our technology and lack of radiation, children and infants can be scanned without medication or anesthesia… you can even hold your child during the scan. All of this results in as stress free an experience as possible for all of our patients. It means no more dark tubes and confined spaces. It means no more anxiety. It means, quite simply, that we’ve found a better way, and now you have too.

Below we’ll dive into more detail about our breakthrough open-air MRI technology. If you’re already as excited about it as we are, feel free to head over to our Booking Page to set up your appointment now. We look forward to serving you in a whole new way at MRI of America.

Only at MRI of America

Open-Air MRI Denver

Cutting-Edge Technology

The revolutionary design of the FONAR Upright Weight bearing Non-Enclosed Positional MRI allows you to simply walk in and be scanned. The Upright MRI permits all parts of the body, particularly the spine and joints, to be imaged in the weight bearing state. Making the choice to come to MRI of America gives you and your doctor unique medical benefits that come from a clinically proven diagnostic advantage, which only MRI of America can provide in Colorado.

Aside from offering unparalleled comfort, this diagnostic advantage lies in our ability to scan patients in multiple positions. This allows for more accurate imaging by scanning patients in weight bearing or positions of symptom. For instance, most patients that experience low back pain do not have pain while lying down. MRI of America and our positional MRI, greatly increases the certainty of finding the cause of your pain by imaging the body in its position of symptom… sitting, standing, or even bending over or to the side. Are these the positions in which you feel the most severe pain? Why be scanned lying down then? Let your doctor see what is going on inside your body when you are experiencing your pain or other symptoms.

Only MRI of America Can Capture Motion Like This:

A Brief History of MRI Technology

In the past, most doctors would refer their patients to be scanned in traditional, high field strength, lie down, tube MRIs like the one pictured to the right. These scanners used to provide the clearest, most detailed quality images for the doctors to use to determine their diagnosis. But, there are problems with those MRI machines. They are very claustrophobic, will only accommodate a limited size and shape of patient and cannot always image the patient in their position of pain.

Something had to be done! What was the alternative? A low field, lay down, “open” style MRI with poor image quality was the only answer for a long time. Bottom line, the doctor would sacrifice a great deal of image quality for the patient’s comfort, and even then, if the patient was unable to lie down, fit in the machine, or felt no symptoms when lying down, the advantage was lost. The result was poor images, and patients who were slightly more comfortable at best.

Today, most MRI machines, open or closed, are still recumbent and still only allow up to 350 pounds. The “open” MRIs really are not that open and the “closed” MRIs do not always show the patients pathology because they are not in their position of pain. Patients still have to cope with anxiety, still have a part of the machine directly in front of their face, and are still lying down. In short, things haven’t changed much.

Enter MRI of America. With our unique-to-Colorado technology, you and your doctor get the best of both worlds; superior diagnostics and patient comfort. Our Non-enclosed Upright Positional MRI is the only truly open MRI on the market today. It is possible for patients to be scanned in a comfortable seated position 95% of the time. This allows them to sit comfortably and watch TV during the scan. Claustrophobic and large patients can breathe easy, and often find we are the only option for them to be able to complete their MRI scan.

It’s not just larger and claustrophobic patients who love our technology, though. If you are in the unenviable position of needing an MRI for your child or infant, how much better would you feel if you could hold them during their scan?  And how comforting for you to know that our scans can be provided for anyone, young or older, without medication.   In most cases MRI of America can give you that option.  The technology is truly different here, and so are our patients’ experiences. Try it today, and find out for yourself just how different you next MRI can be.