About Us

Not Just Great Technology, Great People.

In January of 2003 Stand Up MRI of America opened its doors. Since that time we have evolved in many areas. One thing we realized was that the term “Stand Up” could be a little misleading. This “Stand Up” terminology was originally included to explain our capability. However not all of our scans are done standing up.  In fact, almost 95% of our scans are performed while the patient is comfortably seated so we decided to drop the words “Stand Up” from our name. We are now MRI of America and are working to educate the medical community and patients as to our unique medical value and clinical advantage over other MRIs. Our vision is to serve the patients in our communities with the utmost care and expertise. Our investment in the “FONAR Non enclosed Upright Weight-bearing Positional MRI” is evidence that we are committed to providing as pleasant an experience as possible, while also obtaining the best images.

Our Mission

Each member of our center’s staff is highly trained and certified and works very hard to make us the Gold Standard in Diagnostic Medical Imaging. Here at MRI of America our mission is to provide our patients comprehensive medical imaging with the highest level of diagnostic value. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide our patients with the most comfort possible, without having to be medicated. This mission begins with the most cutting edge technology, the “FONAR Non Enclosed Upright Weight-bearing Positional MRI”, and is carried through by our compassionate, caring, and understanding team of medical professionals. MRI of America’s outpatient center promises to be the most innovative, patient friendly and professional medical imaging provider available today.