What if your next


felt a lot more

like this

and felt a lot less

like this

It can.

It will.

Having an MRI performed doesn’t have to be stressful

At the MRI of America center we are sharply focused on one thing: finding the cause of your pain in as stress-free an environment as possible. That’s why we use cutting edge equipment that allows us to deliver superior quality images and unprecedented comfort for our patients. While conventional MRI scanners can be very loud and cause patients to feel trapped, encapsulated, or closed-in, our center features state-of-the art equipment that allows us to help determine your pathology, no matter how hidden, with as little stress as possible. We are the only MRI center of its kind in Colorado using this technology. You owe it to yourself to finally be pain free and we believe MRI of America has the absolute best technology to help you accomplish this.  We are fully accredited and look forward to showing you how different MRI of America truly is.